Peter Mockford Psychotherapy

Working Together In Psychotherapy

As a psychotherapist I offer a safe, secure and non-judgmental relationship in which it is possible to build trust and confidence to speak about and come to terms with life's most painful experiences. This work is undertaken confidentially and for each person it will be different. Because each life’s journey is different, I work to understand your own perspective of your experiences, so that you develop self-knowledge and an understanding of the hopes you have for your future. The aim of therapy is to empower you, to take the choices in your life that bring fulfillment

The sorts of experiences we will be able to address include bereavement, loss, trauma, stress, identity or self-esteem issues, eating disorders, faith crisis, addictions, compulsive behaviours, depression, anxiety, and relationship problems.

For further information: This brief video asks what psychotherapy is, what it is used for, and who it can be used by. It asks members of the general public, and also two UKCP psychotherapists.